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The owners at Zebulun ran a long term rehabilitation for several years and noted that the treatment models no longer work as effectively in today’s society as they did before. The biggest struggle for individuals was finding work post their treatment without any qualifications and having gaps in their resumes. Zebulun’s owners noted that Portugal had seen a huge drop in their statistics by taking away the criminal stigmas of homelessness, behaviour problems and addiction and equipping individuals with qualifications, resumes, references and the skills to succeed. Zebulun has now developed a new model around these strategies.

Zebulun as a forerunner in this blueprint for healing, set out to see broken individuals with a variety of behavioural and emotional problems, find wholeness, purpose and direction to further themselves once completing their time at Zebulun.

Apart from clinical disciplines, Zebulun integrates the integral life practises which are not only used to help individuals identify their goals, but also aids as a tool to help them during their journey at Zebulun. These disciplines are an essential key to human growth and is an approach to well-being, awareness and transformation. At Zebulun, we focus on the body (physical exercise), the mind (CBT, DBT, Logotherapy and mindfulness based stress reduction), emotional identification (therapy, diary journaling) and future preparation (certified course and practical hours)

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