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We seek to open a new avenue of help for individuals struggling to make headway in society due to emotional struggles, bad choices and a lack of self-esteem.

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Zebulun Lifestyle and Development Centre

Zebulun is a Lifestyle and Development Centre which seeks to open a new avenue of help for individuals who are struggling to find their way in society due to emotional struggles, bad choices and a lack of self-esteem.

Zebulun offers the chance to help individuals address their problems in a safe and comfortable environment conducive to constructive healing with a qualified team and well developed facilities. At the same time, Zebulun offers the chance for individuals to choose from a number of certified courses, adult matric and skills development. These offerings are provided to assist residents with qualifications and references that will assist them in finding work when completing the programme. Zebulun strives to ensure that each resident is able to practically apply the life skills and emotional tools learned during the programme, to cope when moving into society and the workplace.  

Individuals entering Zebulun are assigned a personal counsellor to start their healing process. We at Zebulun understand that each individual has different needs and we work hard to adapt to an approach which is constantly innovative and unique. Zebulun’s team consists of dedicated individuals including social workers, counsellors and life coaches. Many of the therapeutic team have walked the same road and are able to assist others in finding restoration, self-belief and the qualifications to integrate into society successfully once completing their time at Zebulun.


What a beautiful property, the staff are really professional and willing to help at all cost. A strong program where the main focus is to restore the residents back to their former glory to be who they are meant to be.

Danie Schutte

What an amazing place. I have never been exposed to such an environment that overflows with love and care. The passion of those involved is on another level. Keep doing what you are doing!

Jane Hall

Tranquil and safe haven for any person that needs healing in any area of their lives!
Compassionate and understanding staff.

Jacques Nel

I would like to thank Zebulun and it’s staff for saving my life. If it was not for being in treatment and getting the help that I so desperately needed I don’t think I would be here today. Thanks to the intense counselling that I got and reconnecting me to God I was able to face my hurts, habits and hang ups and deal with my addiction. Zebulun helped me reconnect with my family and I was able to have stronger relationships with them thanks to the counselling they received. I will always be grateful for what Zebulun has done for me.

Jared Sadie

I have recently completed a program at Zebulun and in short I can only explain the experience as extraordinary, life changing and extremely informative. Thank you to ALL of the staff for taking a broken life and mending it bit by bit and allowing a whole new being to enter the world again!

Freddy Nagel

It is one of the places that gives the most love. They really walk a road with you. Their heart is that you have to go into your calling.

Maritz Jane Van Rensburg

I would highly recommend Zebulun lifestyle and development centre . I have been impressed with their professionalism and excellent counselling skills. They have made such a difference in my daughter's life . I cannot express my gratitude enough for the change and growth I have seen in her after over 17 years of addiction. The encouragement and care she has received is remarkable. The environment is very pretty and conducive to healthy lifestyle . Thank you Martin Cheryl and staff for all you have done . An outstanding facility. Highly recommended.

Lisa Joy Wealthall

Zebulun Lifestyle and Development Centre is one of the places I personally will recommend to any parent or person whose love one is in active addiction. It’s a place with structure and love and most importantly it’s a place of God.

Jean Wilken
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